Wedding 2019

Chef Vancouver Catering was the most wonderful company to work with for our wedding. We have personally known the executive chef for many years but when it comes down to business and execution we were blown away. Our minds were set at ease knowing that we had someone so professional with over 30 years of experience be a part of our big day. From cocktail hour to appetizers, dinner, dessert and even midnight buffet our guests were blown away by not just the presentation but the quality of food served on our wedding day. Both Branislav and I couldn’t have asked for a better caterer to be a part of our wedding serving our family and closest loved ones. The process was easy from picking courses to ingredients – we knew we were in good hands leaving it up to the professional! 

We are forever grateful for your exquisite dishes Chef Bob! Thank you for being a part of our wedding day! 


Branislav and Dunja 

Restaurant News

Chef Bob, oversees foodservice for five restaurant concepts: Tivoli’s Restaurant, an Italian eatery in Burnaby, B.C. and in the Vancouver airport location Carver’s Steakhouse +Lounge; The Wild Fig Restaurant, Asian fusion in Coquitlam, B.C.; Copper Chimney Indian Grill & Bar at Vancouver’s Le Soleil hotel and La Vallee at the downtown Executive. Chef Bob is responsible for creating menus, food production and innovation, ensuring high food quality and consistency, educating property chefs about new products and adjusting day-to-day operations for efficiency.

The Burnaby Now by Alfie Lau

Using the freshest ingredients and incorporating all of the cooking knowledge he has picked up in such far-flung places as Holland, Israel and Germany, Chef Bob has put on a nice mix of ethnic dishes on his menu.

Everything from the butter chicken to the sweet-and-spicy chili chicken, Mediterranean lamb shank, Tivoli’s quesadilla and fish tacos are cooked with a precision and expertise you expect from an award-winning chef.

The Now by Alfie Lau

Coquitlam plays host to B.C. Chefs’ Association Gala

Chef Bob and his crew went above and beyond in their food presentation, as the highlights of the meal were a grilled Black Creek bison tenderloin served with a B.C. Tiger that literally melted in your mouth; a lychee, Okanagan Valley grape intermezzo that was served in an individual ice teardrop that took two weeks to create; and a Fraser Valley dairy farm cheese plate that was served on slabs of B.C. rocks.

Indulge magazine by Jason McRobble

“I find it hard to explain my favourite dishes. To me it’s like asking which of my kids I like the most. I love them all equally. The key is to love what you prepare. Whether I am cooking for a prime minister or the dishwasher, it does not matter. You can’t cook well without love.”

Vancouver Sun by Michelle Hopkins

Perfectly delicious grapefruit-glazed scallops and black tiger prawns They were lightly pan-seared in grapefruit, ginger and garlic.

Organic, wild northern caribou it melted in my mouth and tasted absolutely superb. It was pan-seared, and served over a blackberry jus, with Parmesan gratin potatoes – which threatened to outshine the meat